Total Joint Orthopedics makes high-quality, efficient implants for hip and knee replacement. Our streamlined instrumentation (only three trays for each surgery) is intuitive and easy to use for reproducible results. It drastically reduces storage costs and the amount of sterile processing needed within hospitals, and relieves the burden on surgical staff and sales representatives alike. We use state-of-the-art materials, and our products are manufactured right here in the United States.

Built on the demand for excellent patient care and on the coattails of a humanitarian endeavor (one of our founders, Dr. Lawrence Dorr, established Operation Walk), our cornerstone is giving back. For every ten joints we sell, we donate one to Operation Walk. From minimizing packaging to take up less shelf space, to facilitating seamless surgeries, we apply ingenuity to all levels of our products for everyone who interacts with them. We strive for each surgeon to achieve the same post-operative result whether he or she performs 50 surgeries per year, or 500.