Press Release: Klassic® PS-Post™ Knee System Launch

[Salt Lake City, Utah, September 18, 2019] This month, Total Joint Orthopedics (TJO) debuted its Klassic® PS-Post™ Knee System across the country with surgeons Thomas L. Bradbury, Jr. (Atlanta, GA), Rhett K. Hallows (Durham, NC), William G. Hamilton (Alexandria, VA), Keith G. Holley (Boise, ID), Jason M. Jennings (Denver, CO), Kenneth B. Mathis (Houston, TX), Thorsten M. Seyler (Durham, NC), and Samuel S. Wellman (Durham, NC). The PS-Post System anchors the Klassic Knee family with a bone-sparing post and cam implant that exemplifies the hallmark efficiency of TJO’s Evolution of Stability®. 

“I’m excited to have this implant,” said Dr. Bradbury, Orthopaedic Residency Program Director at Emory University School of Medicine. “TJO takes an innovative approach when it comes to preparing the posteriorly stabilized femoral component. The box preparation instrumentation is innovative, safe, eliminates stress risers, and is extremely efficient. The kinematics of the knee are impressive and produce a very solid feel. I can’t wait to put more in!”  

The PS-Post is designed with patient comfort in mind, including an engineered J-curve that softens the introduction of the cam to the post while maintaining normal gait kinematics. Patellar tracking is optimized with the patented double Q-angle trochlear groove common to the Klassic Knee family.  

Patient safety and work-flow efficiency come together with the reamer box preparation. Using the femoral trial as the reamer guide, the box can be quickly and accurately resected. The resulting elliptical shape conserves bone and avoids sharp corners that could provide stress risers, decreasing the incidence of condylar fracture, and reducing bone loss. "The round notch prep is fantastic: unique, easy to use, and bone sparing" noted Colorado Joint Replacement’s Dr. Jennings.

The PS-Post Knee System offers the same efficiency surgeons have come to expect from TJO’s products: a full range of sizes and options in only two trays of instrumentation—no pre-op imaging, disposables, or customization required, saving turnover time and sterilization costs on each and every case.   

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Pictured from left to right top to bottom: Drs. Thomas L. Bradbury, Jr., Rhett K. Hallows, William G. Hamilton, Keith G. Holley, Jason M. Jennings, Kenneth B. Mathis, Thorsten M. Seyler, and Samuel S. Wellman using Total Joint Orthopedics’ newly released Klassic® PS-Post™ Knee System.