The Klassic® Knee System is a modernized universal design and offers seven sizes of femurs, six sizes of tibial inserts and baseplates, and four sizes of patellae to accommodate a variety of patient anatomy. The system requires only three trays of instruments to streamline the surgical technique, reduce sterilization costs, and increase efficiency in the operating room.

The patented1 Klassic Femur has a unique double Q-angle and deepened trochlear groove that allows optimal patellar tracking along a 9° Q-angle on both left and right anatomy. The femur also features anatomically tapered posterior condyles, a thin anterior flange, a proportional AP/ML ratio, and a neutral outside profile of the anterior flange to minimize potential lateral overhang.

The six sizes of Klassic Tibial Baseplate assemblies are designed to optimally cover the tibial plateau using a universal geometry. The sweptback keel offers 4° of posterior slope and scales per two sizes.

Both a deep-dished Ultra-PS® Insert and a standard CR/Congruent Insert are available. The Ultra-PS insert provides a high anterior jump height and increased conformity to provide stability through a range of flexion without a cam and post design. The posterior lip of both the CR/Congruent and the Ultra-PS Insert is relieved to minimize impingement.

The Klassic Domed Patella and Klassic Sombrero Patella, offered in four sizes, are geometrically forgiving and optimize patellofemoral contact area during tracking.

1 US Patents 9,289,305 and D755,971