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You have streamlined the entire surgical process for your hospital or surgery center. Your focus on providing an unparalleled experience for your patients has been taken into consideration. You have carefully laid out your facility to maximize efficiency. Do your implants and instrumentation fit the same philosophy?

TJO’s state of the art implants for hip and knee arthroplasty provide uncompromising value. From the time you receive implants to the time the instruments are cleaned and prepped for the next case, there are no extraneous steps—we call this Efficiency by Design®.

The Power of one™

TJO’s Klassic ONE® tray system for primary hip and knee replacement supports 90% of surgeries using a single tray—no preoperative planning, imaging, or disposables are required. Intuitive, carefully designed instruments provide predictable, reproducible results.

reduce costs

Trays offer the full range of sizes, and fewer instruments streamline control from inventory, to back table, to cleaning and sterilization.
• No need to create a custom tray for every patient
• No additional imaging required
• No expensive Patient Specific Instrumentation to stock and prepare
• No costly disposable instruments or trials to increase waste

add value

Why pay for instruments you don’t use? The cost of cleaning and storing each tray starts at $58.[1] Reducing your tray count from eight to one could save you approximately $406 every surgery. That’s $40,600 saved for every hundred surgeries performed while simplifying the surgical technique. Because Klassic ONE® is not patient specific, no additional preparation or costly CT scan is required. Let your staff spend their time adding value to the clinic, not washing and organizing un-used instruments.

Set Yourself Up for Success

Once opened, every instrument is a potential source of contamination. Five percent of broaches and reamers were found to be positive for microorganisms before the case began.[2] Reducing your tray count from eight to one could reduce potential contamination.

Because the Klassic ONE® tray system is not patient specific, the standardized, single tray minimizes the opportunity for mistakes. Our single tray offers a scalable system for larger institutions or busy surgery days; there’s no need for staff to spend time planning and hand-selecting instrument trays.


Klassic® Knee System

The modern, universal Klassic Femur uses a patented[3] double Q-angle and deepened trochlear groove to provide excellent kinematics in a left/right agnostic system. The system cuts down on waste but does not compromise on options:
• A variety of sizing options to optimize patient fit
• Components for both cemented and cementless use
• Ti-Coat® and Cobalt3D™ ultra-porous, three-dimensional sintered porous coatings for biological fixation and bony ingrowth
• Metal-backed tibial articular surfaces in CR/Congruent and Ultra-PS® designs, as well as an all-poly design
• Our proprietary E-Link® Vitamin E stabilized polyethylene for wear resistance and oxidative stability, or standard UHMWPE
• Domed and Sombrero Patellae

Klassic HD® Hip System

Use your preferred style and approach with the patented[4] Klassic HD® Hip System and Klassic® Blade Femoral Stems. Both systems offer:
• A variety of sizing options to optimize patient fit
• Ti-Coat®, an ultra-porous, three-dimensional sintered porous coating for biological fixation and bony ingrowth
• Our proprietary E-Link® Vitamin E stabilized polyethylene for wear resistance and oxidative stability, or XLPE cross-linked polyethylene
• BIOLOX®delta ceramic or CoCr heads, both with multiple head length options

Help more patients

Joint arthroplasty is a life-changing service you provide for your patients on a daily basis. With TJO, your impact extends even further. For every 10 implants sold, we donate one to Operation Walk.

To learn more about how TJO will partner with you to find simple, cost-effective solutions for your hospital or surgery center, contact sales@tjoinc.com.

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