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Evolution of Stability®

TJO's Evolution of Stability® doesn't just provide optimal congruence for every patient, it's an ecosystem of efficiency where implants and instrumentation have been designed in tandem. The Klassic ONE® workflow allows you to perform up to 90% of your surgeries with just one tray (100% with two trays).


TJO's packaging is designed to be minimalistic and low impact on the hospital environment while increasing legibility for surgeon verification across the sterile field. Hospital space is valuable—it should be used for patient care, not storage.

Klassic ONE® tray

The total knee system with the fewest number of trays is the Total Joint Orthopedics Klassic® Knee System. This efficiently designed system offers symmetrical universal femoral and universal tibial components to accommodate both left and right knees in all shapes and sizes, minimizing inventory and instrument trays needed. Many of the instruments have multiple functions within the same knee procedure thereby allowing the instrument count to be reduced such that 90% of surgeries can be performed using a single, standard tray of instruments and 100% of cases can be performed with just two trays.8

proprietary innovation


Aurum® Technology offers a revolutionary process that ballistically bonds a five-micron (5μm) thick titanium nitride coating to the titanium substrate for increased strength, hardness, and adhesion.

Biolox contoura®

The BIOLOX CONTOURA® Femoral Head is an anatomically friendly implant that offers the benefits of a smaller head while using a larger head size. It retains the outer diameter of conventional implants and incorporates a contoured shoulder with a lesser radius to reduce the volume of material exposed to the soft tissue. The CONTOURA® head's reduced distal profile removes potential impingement material in order to relieve potential strain on the iliopsoas, without reducing the articulation surface of the outer head diameter. 


The Klassic® Femurs features a patented trochlear groove that allows optimal patellar tracking along a 9°
double Q-angle on both left and right anatomy,
while retaining a neutral outside profile of the
anterior flange.

safety & outcomes


Over 30,000 implants (hip and knee) without any recalls.


Reduced incidence of infection1,2
Reduced number of workers’ comp claims3
Reduced turnover time4
Reduced number of errors
Increase in quality and patient care5,6,7

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Being a Surgeon Founded | Surgeon Focused company, Total Joint Orthopedics strives to train and support the best reps in the room. That means exceptional attention to detail, elevated professionalism, and a surgeon focused experience that is second-to-none.



Jason M. Hurst, MD

New Albany, Ohio

“I've been doing outpatient arthroplasty for eight, nine years, one of the biggest barriers is having an efficient flow. Moving to one tray has helped not only my workflow in the operating room, but has helped my staff. I mean, it's revolutionized the outpatient space. And from a staffing perspective, they just love it."


Durham, North Carolina

"TJO is a little bit ahead in recognizing issues around efficiency, costs and getting into surgery centers. If you look at what they've done, with the systems, the instruments, how you can even get those instruments to the operating room, meaning even the trays, or I should say tray. They've been smart about it.  It's put them in a place where they're very advantaged right now.”



Why pay for instruments you don’t use? The cost of cleaning and storing each tray starts at $58.9 Reducing your tray count from eight to one could save you approximately $406 every surgery.10 That’s $40,600 saved for every hundred surgeries performed while simplifying the surgical technique. Because Klassic ONE® is not patient specific, no additional preparation or costly CT scan is required. Let your staff spend their time adding value to the clinic, not washing and organizing un-used instruments.


Every aspect of TJO's products are designed with input from surgeons, OR staff, and SPD. The ergonomics are optimized to improve surgical outcomes for all stakeholders involved in surgery. TJO plans for the short and long term, with a holistic strategy to transition between surgical needs and workflows.


Physical Therapy Exercises after Knee Replacement

This video shows basic physical therapy exercises that you can do at home after your knee replacement surgery.

Physical Therapy Exercises after Knee Replacement

This video shows basic physical therapy exercises that you can do at home after your knee replacement surgery.


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