Employee Spotlight: Erik Misiak

As a Quality Engineer at TJO, Erik Misiak's background in sporting goods brings a unique perspective to our team as we shape the future of orthopedics. With a strong work ethic and innovative ideas, Erik has quickly made an incredible impact in the engineering department since joining us in 2022.

His invaluable contributions to our team have not gone unnoticed, and we are grateful to have him onboard.

Learn more about Erik below.

What inspired you to join TJO?

Being a part of a team dedicated to helping people.

What inspires you to continue to stay at TJO?

Developing the highest quality implants and instruments used in Orthopedics.

What does the future of TJO look like to you?

The future of TJO in my opinion is changing the landscape of orthopedics, leading the charge of titanium implants and streamlined instruments.

How have you grown personally during your time at TJO?

Being new to the biomedical engineer industry, I have evolved a new understanding of how important knee and hip implants are to patient quality of life. Being able to restore the ability to walk is a huge

What does TJO mean to you?

TJO means hard work that pays off to improve people’s lives.

Fun Fact about yourself?

My left arm is 1 inch longer than my right arm!

What would you tell someone who is interested and considering joining TJO?

Do it! I love working here!