Employee Spotlight: TK Khen

Today, we shine the light on TK Khen, the Director of National Accounts at TJO. 

With his outstanding problem-solving skills and exceptional decision-making abilities, TK has played an instrumental role in supporting the growth of our organization for over a year. In a short time, he has made an incredible impact on our team and culture. 

We are incredibly grateful to have TK on Team TJO and are excited for you to get to know him better below.  

What inspired you to join TJO?  

TJO's mission to give back to the community (through organizations like Operation Walk and others) was really important.  I always say I'm an invisible hand that has an impact on our customers, who ultimately have an impact on the patients.  

What inspires you to continue to stay at TJO?

The people and culture.  Leadership has provided an engaging, fun, and innovative culture where everyone is invested and inspired to do their best work.  I work with talented people who really care about what they do and support each other in growth (professionally or personally).  Also, we like to have FUN, which is a plus!

What does the future of TJO look like to you?

Our momentum and growth are strong, and the new products in our pipeline will provide our customers with access to technology that will help improve their patient's needs.

How have you grown personally during your time at TJO?

I've learned to be nimble and adaptive from my peers and that no task is small for anyone (even leadership).

What does TJO mean to you?

A family that supports one another. 

Fun Fact about yourself?

Long story short, my first words were, "Mom, they're shooting at us."  Ask me later about the details of that story.  

What would you tell someone who is interested and considering joining TJO?

TJO is an innovative company with a talented team that is willing to listen to their customers to make products that will improve the patient's life.  This is your company if you want a culture that engages, challenges, and rewards.