Total Joint Orthopedics Releases New PS-Max® Tibial Insert to Further Evolution of Stability®

Total Joint Orthopedics, Inc. (TJO), announced the first cases using the Klassic® Knee System’s PS-Max® Tibial Insert at Salt Lake Regional Medical Center in Salt Lake City, UT. This tibial component is the latest offering in TJO’s Evolution of Stability® and provides orthopedic surgeons maximum stability for primary and revision total knee arthroplasty.

“This is an exciting new addition to TJO’s offerings, providing more stability and constraint options for difficult cases, while using efficient instrument systems,” said Bryant E. Bonner, MD of Hofmann Arthritis Institute. This product comes on the heels of the release of TJO’s Klassic® PS-Post™ Femur, which offers both a competitive bone-sparing box cut for primary use, but is stemmable for complicated primary or simple revision surgery. The versatility in articulation options allows for increased stability throughout the range of motion using only one tray for up to 90% of cases.

Total Joint Orthopedics’ Klassic® Knee System incorporates an innate efficiency and intuitive instrumentation to save sterilization cost and turnover time. Launched in 2013, the Klassic® Knee System’s modern, universal knee design restores natural kinematic function. Accompanied by TJO’s unmatched Klassic ONE® instrumentation, the Klassic® Knee allows simplicity and ease of use with only one tray needed for up to 90% of surgeries (100% may be performed with two trays).

“The PS-Max® implant is a great addition to an already great system,” said Jason M. Jennings, MD, DPT, from Colorado Joint Replacement. “TJO now provides me with the range of constraint options I need to tackle everything from a primary to complex primary total knee replacement.” As part of TJO’s Evolution of Stability®, this system uses the newly designed PS-Post™ instrumentation to provide ease of use and reduce waste. Surgeries using the new PS-Max® will also help TJO support causes like Operation Walk, as the company continues to donate one implant for every ten sold.